3D Scanning

About 3D scanning

In keeping with our commitment to offering the highest standard of care, Canyon Oral & Facial Surgery Dental Implant Experts utilizes the latest diagnostic and surgical equipment. Our state-of-the-art practices in Summerlin and Centennial Hills are equipped with the Nextdent 5100 3D Systems printer, the fastest on the market for printing surgical guides. In addition to the Nextdent 3D printer, our 3D scanner helps us achieve accurate treatment planning for the optimal results.

Our 3D scanning technology enables us to optimize your treatment plan. 3D scans allow your teeth, jaws, and facial structure to be viewed from every angle, which not only makes for a more efficient treatment plan but reduces the risk of surprises that could arise during surgery.

Most patients will receive a 3D scan during their first visit to our practice.

Benefits of 3D scanning

3D scanning is essential to optimal treatment because it enables your oral surgeon to view your condition from unique angles and create a more accurate treatment plan. 3D scanning has ample benefits:

Dr. Falk, Dr. Moody, and the rest of the team at Canyon Oral & Facial Surgery Dental Implant Experts strive to provide outstanding care for their patients. We have invested in the latest technology to deliver accurate results. If you are interested in learning more about 3D scanning, the Nextdent 3D printer, or are ready to schedule your first appointment with us, please contact our practice.