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Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

Make Dentures More Comfortable

Dentures should always provide a comfortable and secure fit. If they do not, problems with eating, chewing, and speaking can arise, and oral health can become compromised. It is common for dentures to need periodic adjustments over time to ensure a proper fit. However, if these adjustments fail to provide relief, surgical correction may be the next step.

While many patients who wear dentures will receive periodic adjustments from their dentist, an ill-fitting prosthesis can provide continued discomfort to the patient. In these instances, a dentist will refer to an oral surgeon for surgical treatment.

Pre-prosthetic surgery is the surgical alteration of your mouth’s structures to allow for a more comfortable and secure fit from your dentures. There are several types of pre-prosthetic surgery, and your oral surgeon will discuss them and formulate a course of treatment after a complete oral examination.

Bone grafts, tissue grafts, or tooth extraction are other surgical treatments that may provide a more comfortable fit for dentures.

Types of Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

When you come to Canyon Oral & Facial Surgery, your oral surgeon will perform a complete oral evaluation, review and order any diagnostic scans, and listen to your concerns before formulating the right treatment plan for you. If you decide on pre-prosthetic surgery as your treatment option of choice, your oral surgeon will customize the procedure to your facial structure to optimize comfort and fit. The type of pre-prosthetic surgery treatment you receive will depend on your unique condition. 

Common pre-prosthetic treatments include

  • Bone smoothing or reshaping
  • Bony ridge reduction
  • Removal of excess bone or soft tissue

Types of Anesthesia

Canyon Oral & Facial Surgery offers several types of anesthesia and sedation.

Pre-Prosthetic Surgery in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV

Dentures should always fit comfortably and securely in the mouth. An ill-fitting prosthesis can cause oral health issues, such as sore spots in the mouth, and affect daily activities like eating, speaking, and chewing. If you are ready to receive a better fit from your dentures or have been referred for oral surgery treatment, please contact our office.

Providing an Exceptional Patient Experience

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