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Facial Trauma Treatment

Expert Care From a Trusted Team

Years of education and training beyond dental school is required to become an oral surgeon. Through their education and hands-on experience, they have a unique and comprehensive understanding of facial structures and aesthetics. Dr. Falk, Dr. Moody, and Dr. Yau are highly qualified to treat many facial trauma injuries at their practices in greater Las Vegas, NV, located in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV.

At Canyon Oral & Facial Surgery, we understand that prompt treatment is necessary in the event of an emergency, such as a facial injury. While we can treat many facial trauma injuries at our practice, an injury that is severe, extensive, or occurs after normal business hours should be treated at the nearest emergency room by the on-call oral surgeon.

Types of Facial Injuries

At Canyon Oral & Facial Surgery, we treat many types of facial trauma injuries, including

  • Cuts to the face or inside the mouth
  • Broken or knocked-out teeth
  • Facial fractures (jaws, nose, eye sockets)

When you come to Canyon Oral & Facial Surgery with a facial trauma injury, your oral surgeon will evaluate the extent of your injury and treat it promptly. As experienced surgeons who understand the face’s delicate structures, Dr. Falk, Dr. Moody, and Dr. Yau will make every effort to restore aesthetics and minimize scarring. The exact treatment of a facial injury is unique to the patient and will depend on the severity and location of the injury.

Act quickly if your tooth has been knocked out. The first 30 minutes after an injury offers the greatest chance to save the tooth. If you can, it is best to bring the tooth in a container of saliva or whole milk. If your tooth cannot be saved, your oral surgeon will discuss your tooth replacement options, such as a dental implant.

Seeking the right medical treatment for a facial trauma injury is critical for restoring aesthetics and facial function. In the event of a facial injury, contact our office for treatment. Please go to the nearest emergency room if your injury occurs after hours and/or is extensive or severe.

Types of Anesthesia

Canyon Oral & Facial Surgery offers several types of anesthesia and sedation.

Facial Trauma Treatment in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV

Since an oral surgeon completes years of education and training beyond dental school, they can understand and repair the delicate structures of the face. Our board-certified oral surgeons are equipped to treat many facial trauma injuries at our practice in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV. If you need prompt, experienced care, please contact us.

Providing an Exceptional Patient Experience

Get exceptional patient care from trusted board-certified oral surgeons. Contact Canyon Oral & Facial Surgery to schedule a consultation and find out how we can improve your oral health and confidence.