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Meet Dr. Lawler

Video Review

Dr. Lawler refers his patients to Canyon Oral & Facial Surgery Dental Implant Experts.

Dr. Lawler's Story

"I refer my patients to Canyon Oral Surgery because I just have a really high level of trust in Dr. Falk and Dr. Moody. I know that when I send somebody there, I don’t have to worry about anything. I know they’re going to be well taken care of. I really appreciate the relationship between our offices and how we work together because they stay in constant contact with us. It’s such a better experience for the patient overall. I’ve known Dr. Falk for several years. He is an incredible guy. He makes people feel comfortable and makes it a good experience. Dr. Moody is another incredibly talented oral surgeon. He’s super down-to-earth. He’s wonderful to talk to and bounce ideas off of. I plan to refer to Canyon Oral & Facial Surgery for a long time. They’ve done nothing but earn the trust of me and of my patients, and it’s made it a great experience and a great relationship."

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We look forward to being a part of your journey to a healthier smile, improved confidence, and overall better living.