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Single Tooth Replacement In Las Vegas, NV

Replace a Missing Tooth with Single Implants

Implant dentistry is a specialty of oral and maxillofacial surgeons, who spend years gaining hands-on experience in restorative oral surgery procedures. Dr. Jesse Falk, Dr. Michael Moody, and Dr. Robert Yau are board-certified oral surgeons at Canyon Oral & Facial Surgery Dental Implant Experts who create custom treatment plans for every patient. Whether you’re missing one tooth or many teeth, our team will evaluate your specific needs and determine the right procedure to improve your oral health.

In addition to restoring your smile, dental implants can also restore your confidence. With a fully functioning, complete set of teeth, you can live without hiding your smile and enjoy eating again. We have two offices in Las Vegas equipped with advanced technology that we use to help our patients achieve improved health and quality of life.

Immediate Dental Implants

Adult teeth are meant to last forever, but diseases and trauma can cause decay or tooth loss. Teeth that are severely infected due to gum disease often need to be extracted to protect the health of the surrounding teeth. Both general dentists and oral surgeons perform tooth extractions, but oral surgeons perform complex extractions and tooth replacement procedures.

When you have a tooth extracted, we can insert a dental implant post into the empty tooth socket during the same appointment. This reduces the number of appointments needed to replace the missing tooth and you won’t have to go without a complete smile. Immediate implants, or same-day dental implants, replace the tooth’s root and crown. The continuous stimulation provided by the new tooth root keeps the jaw healthy and prevents bone loss.

You can receive a dental implant the same day as tooth extraction as long as there is enough jaw bone to support the implant. Your surgeon can place a bone graft if there is not enough adequate jaw bone to help create a solid foundation for the implant. The bone graft can sometimes be placed at the same time that the implant post is inserted. In other cases, you will return once the graft has healed to receive your implant post.

Can I Get a Dental Implant Years After an Extraction?

There is no age or time limit for dental implants. The choice to restore missing or failing teeth can be made at any point in life, and the only requirement for dental implants is that there must be enough jaw bone to support the implants. If you do not have enough bone, the surgeons at Canyon Oral & Facial Surgery Dental Implant Experts can place a bone graft where more bone is needed. Bone grafts have helped many patients become candidates for dental implants who were previously not qualified for permanent tooth replacement.

When a natural tooth is missing, the jaw bone begins to break down. This can cause adjacent teeth to shift out of place and lead to sagging facial features. A weakened jaw bone can lead to health problems such as bite misalignment and the inability to properly speak and eat.

There are several options to replace a missing or failing tooth. Some patients opt for cheaper options upfront, such as removable partial dentures or dental bridges. These options do not fuse to the jaw and prevent bone loss. They require special care and can still limit your ability to eat and speak naturally. Replacement teeth should serve your smile and health, and permanent restoration with dental implants provide the same function and health benefits as natural teeth.

Dental implants are the most popular tooth replacement option because they act, look, and feel like your healthy existing teeth. The post of a dental implant acts similarly to a natural tooth’s root by stimulating the jaw bone. This stimulation, provided during chewing, keeps the bone strong and healthy. Dental implants are the only tooth restoration option that fuses to the jaw bone to prevent bone atrophy.

Single Tooth Replacement in Las Vegas, Nevada

Canyon Oral & Facial Surgery Dental Implant Experts has two offices located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and one office in Henderson, NV. Our Centenial Hills office is on the northwestern side of the city and our Summerlin office is on the west side, near Spring Valley. Our Henderson office is on W Horizon Ridge Pwky. We proudly serve patients in Las Vegas and nearby areas, including:

  • Winchester
  • Paradise
  • North Las Vegas
  • Sunrise Manor
  • Las Vegas
  • Henderson
  • Summerlin South
  • Spring Valley
  • Enterprise
  • Boulder City

Types of Anesthesia

Canyon Oral & Facial Surgery offers several types of anesthesia and sedation.

Tooth Extraction in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV

We create customized treatment plans for every patient and make every effort to ensure our patients feel safe and welcome at our practice. Canyon Oral & Facial Surgery offers the full scope of oral surgery procedures, including general tooth extraction. If you or your child have been recommended for a tooth extraction, please contact us today.

Providing an Exceptional Patient Experience

Get exceptional patient care from trusted board-certified oral surgeons. Contact Canyon Oral & Facial Surgery to schedule a consultation and find out how we can improve your oral health and confidence.