Dr. Falk and Dr. Moody of Canyon Oral & Facial Surgery announced the final recipients of their first annual Smile Again program! The Smile Again program offered residents of the Las Vegas area the opportunity to receive a free full-arch restoration treatment, valued at $50,000. Those in the community who have broken, decaying, and missing teeth and who do not have the means to afford the extensive restoration procedure were encouraged to apply.

Tiffany, 38, of Sandy Valley, is living with only 11 teeth as a victim of domestic violence. She worked up the courage to leave her abusive relationship, and now, the single mother of four does everything she can to ensure her children have a healthy and happy life. Tiffany also has Hypophosphatemic rickets, a rare disorder in which the bones become painfully soft and bend easily due to low levels of phosphate in the blood. She's only 4 feet tall because of her disorder.

Elke, 48, of Henderson, is missing 15 teeth and is in constant pain due to the decayed and broken teeth that are left. She was born in Germany and was adopted when she was a child. The mother of two is a stay-at-home mom, and because of her smile, she is too embarrassed to apply to jobs. When asked how a smile makeover would change her life, she responded, "A new smile would give me the confidence to get a job to help support my family and not feel ashamed of myself. I recently found out I have biological siblings in Germany who are visiting me this summer, and I'd love to smile big in photos with them."

Canyon Oral & Facial Surgery is collaborating with Dr. Michael Flores from Flores Family Dental and Dr. Larry O. Staples, DDS, DICOI, FAGD from Staples Dental to complete the procedures.

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