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Meet Dr. Guideng

Dr. Guideng has a high level of trust in Drs. Falk and Moody.
I refer my patients here to Canyon Oral & Facial Surgery mainly because of the trust. I trust the doctors here, Dr. Falk and Dr. Moody, and therefore trust my patients coming here and getting the right treatment. Canyon Oral & Facial and my office, we work together completely when we come up with treatment plans for patients. They communicate with us, we communicate with them, and collaboratively we come up with a treatment plan together that works best for our patients. Dr. Falk is a great oral surgeon. He has a great personality, and he knows exactly what to do. Dr. Moody is a great oral surgeon with great extensive training. Canyon Oral & Facial is definitely an asset to this community with the type of work that they do, the volunteer work that they do—I don’t know any other oral surgeon out here that does that. I will always refer my patients over here to Canyon Oral & Facial Surgery.

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