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Chrissy's Dental Implant Surgery
Spring Valley, NV

Chrissy’s dental implant procedure was a wonderful experience. The doctors and staff were personable, friendly, and took great care of her.
Hi, my name’s Chrissy and I’m from Las Vegas, and I came to Canyon Oral & Facial Surgery to get an implant. This practice—it was really, really great. The staff here were amazing. From check-in to out processing, I came in and I felt at home. I really loved the doctors. I loved the front staff personnel. Everyone was super, super terrific. The doctors here were great. They were very personable. They made you feel very comfortable. My overall experience with the facility was absolutely amazing. If you live in Spring Valley or Centennial Hills and need oral surgery, come to Canyon Oral & Facial Surgery.

Dental Implants for Residents in Spring Valley, NV

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